A couple of weeks ago I was very fortunate to be invited along to a day held at the Reach Foundation, as I grew to appreciate aptly named ‘The Heroes Day’. Reach is an amazing organization that supports teenagers facing a wide range of challenges in their lives. I’ll revisit Reach in later blogs, who they are and what they do and why I find Reach people inspirations in conversations about Purpose.

At the end of that day of observing the 450, Year 9 students coached to find their hero within, I took part in a conversation with some of the facilitators, who themselves have not long breached the age group those they led.

Names are not important here, but the story relayed of one great young woman there, her troubled life up to where she found a Purpose and an anchor at Reach affected me. What struck me was a word she used to describe how a person in her life, a teacher, had not allowed the confines of her ‘job description’ or normal expected lines of disconnection stop her from rescuing this troubled, beautiful young girl.

This now strong young woman spoke of how that teacher had gone beyond her ‘job description’ to drive her to school, make sure she ate, cared for her beyond the normal ‘guidelines’ required in her role to ensure she was safe, educated and had a chance at a future. This teacher operated in the words of this saved soul, in a ‘blurriness’ in the ‘rules’. Her purposeful intent, care and objective to give this young girl a chance in life was more important. This teacher clearly had a Purpose beyond the guidelines of her traditional teaching role, and it is because of that Purpose that she gave someone that ‘leg up’ that often is all they need, just a break.

PB Fence

I got to thinking, how often do we challenge our own ‘boundaries’ within our own personal lives and workspace to achieve our higher Purpose. Now I’m not suggesting anarchy in the work place, where there is often valid reason for structure (or is there). But ask yourselves, if the restrictions weren’t there, or weren’t quite as rigid as you think, would you pursue your Purpose further.

I wonder also whether some of our boundaries are self created, do we fear what others may think of us if we stray from the ‘expectations’ of our tribe, do we avoid perceived conflict, do we fear that our actions are seen as selfish and frankly are they a ‘comfort zone’.

So as part of our pursuit in seeking our own Purpose we must be realistic about the barriers we have or choose to be restrained by, and our honest conviction in challenging them.

The boundaries, rules, ‘the way we do things’ are often there for sensible valid and social reasons but just ask yourself if you allow a little ‘blurriness’ into your life, what might you achieve, what hero is within you that you can impact someone else’s life and in turn your own.

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