Why Purpose?

Not another latest trend!

 When I decided to concentrate conversations on the concept of ‘Purpose’, I was conscious of the amount of chatter currently around about this topic. We have all been through phases with ‘buzz words’ or trends such as ‘innovation’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘empowerment’ and so on. I was concerned that this ‘Purpose’ thing might be thought of as just another fad.

Now let me say from the beginning all the above practices are fabulous, if the worse they do is make us think differently then the principles are worthwhile. But they are not new and nor is Purpose, so to consider them as just a fly-by-night latest trend, would be a mistake.

The Purpose of Purpose Built…

 I have worked with some amazing organisation’s both ‘for profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ that were at their best when all their strengths were aligned with their true Purpose. Or even more socially inspiring when the strengths of ‘for profits’ and ‘not-for-profits’ collaborated. Similarly I’ve met many successful individuals who are keenly aware of why they are here and follow their own Purpose in their way.

This is where I made the decision to create Purpose Built , a company that focuses on facilitating inspiring relationships between ‘for profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations to achieve win/win social and business impact.

Aristotle wrote:
‘At the intersection of where your gifts, talents and abilities meet a human need, therein you discover your Purpose’.


Purpose doesn’t have an end point…..

The reason I think Purpose is so important for us all is that I believe it umbrellas all of the ‘buzz word’ practices; it is the essence of authenticity. Purpose is enriching because it is not static it allows us to grow, learn and develop constantly. Purpose is not in itself a destination. Purpose is using all your talents, skills and abilities to create a ‘way’ you live not just what you live for.

PB Man on Rope
Your strengths tell a story…..

Some time ago, I read some of Marcus Buckingham’s work. He conveys that concentrating our energies on what we are innately good at, in what we enjoy, where we find our natural flow, will lead to greater success, fulfilment and happiness. If we focus on our strengths that seem to come with ease, rather than force ourselves to function through our weaknesses we create our own unique purposeful way.

Your passions, and there may be many in your life, your vision or mission if you are a leader in a company, will be met when you live or function with Purpose. Your ’flow’ will be realised as Aristotle said, ‘when your gifts talents and abilities intersect and meet a human need’.

That is why PURPOSE, and why I want to share the gifts, talents and abilities I’ve grown to realise as mine and the conversations with many other Purposeful leaders with you.

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