About Purpose Built Business

About Me.


I know where I am going…..

Have you ever been in those moments of time either in your professional or personal life when everything seems to be…..well flowing.

What you do, day to day, makes sense, there is a natural direction in your life that feels right, your energies are being spent for good and valued return.

Whether for an individual or company this sense of ‘flow’ creates a tremendous dynamic that produces amazing personal or organisational achievement. This flow is produced by all your efforts directed with a sense of purpose that has significance for you and others.

Imagine if this flow is multiplied many times by sharing your purpose with others and particularly if it brings common good.

Why me?

 I have been working in the environment of creating common purpose in partnerships between commercial organisations and not-for-profits to achieve that common good for many years. I have seen how both commercial objectives and social responsibility can work in unison…..in flow with amazing results for all.

I know how to create purpose for an organisation that embraces a social good and bring tremendous multiplying impact both within the organisation and with a community.

I created Purpose Built Business to utilise my years of experience in facilitating purpose driven partnerships, understanding the value and attributes of purpose to support companies and individuals embrace and benefit from social purpose and partnerships.

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Leaders can see what others can’t…

Fundamentally being purposeful is about leadership. Whether you are a CEO wanting to embrace a greater sense of reason for your organisation, or an individual who wishes to achieve that flow by engaging with your own purpose, it is all about leadership. Leaders have a strong understanding of themselves and their purpose.

We are at a very exciting tipping point at the moment, there are generational, societal and environmental shifts that demand our leaders thinks differently. Leaders that embraces responsibility to our community, society and world as an explicit measure of our personal and organisational reason for being. Leaders that understand the footprint they leave and are guided by a purpose to embrace common good.

This Blog will give you….

This Purpose Built Blog will give you information, stories and insights into the leaders and company’s who embrace purpose, thoughts and tips on the thousand things that make up purpose, and tools to make you think and learn about how you can ingrain purpose into your life and company.

So please sign-up on the link below, join those who know where they are going and want to learn more.

I want my company to have more of a reason than just profit, I give a damn!

If you are interested in the footprint you leave meaning more and are interested in ingraining purposeful partnerships and all the benefits it can bring your organisation, I’d love to chat.

Just send me a note on my Contact page.

I really look forward to talking to you.


Colin Coster