The Purpose of Purpose Built

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I have facilitated relationships between wide ranging commercial organisations and not-for-profits for over 20 years. I grew to see the excellence in which some leaders embrace social purpose. It is exciting to see that ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ has evolved into a valued contributor to organisational culture and business outcomes while supporting our communities.

Many large Australian companies understand the value of CSR and have created dedicated personnel to advancing the organisation’s role in extending their reason for being beyond just profit but to embrace Purpose equally. I have also spoken to many well meaning mid sized business leaders that similarly recognise the opportunity in engaging their employees more and differentiating their brand through CSR, but lack the resources, time or know how to create social purpose strategies.

I developed Purpose Built Business to support business leaders who recognise the value of social Purpose, not only to themselves but their employees, colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

Leaders recognise now that the sole driver of ‘profit only’ is no longer effective without demonstrable Purpose.

So, interested, contact me though my ‘Contact Page’ details and I would be really happy to chat with you further.

How do we work;

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Initial Primary Service;

1. After an initial briefing we undertake a ‘culture audit’ with your selected personnel to determine your people’s needs, connection and responsiveness to the company’s social Purpose intent as well as individual engagement.
2. A preliminary analysis is undertaken with your marketing and human resource leaders to seek the manageable opportunities to leverage a social purpose strategy both internally and through brand differentiation.

3. Provide a strategic plan to maximise the potential of a social purpose relationship with suggested not for profit organisations and suggest how to maintain a sustainable mutually valued partnership.
4. Co-ordination of the partnership introduction, and management strategy of future relationship touch points and social impact feedback.
5. A workshop style presentation and/or a communication format to inform your people on the partnership and your company’s commitment to social purpose.

Secondary Further Service Offers;

6. An ongoing ‘social impact’ communication process that informs your people continually on the effect of the company’s and/or the employee contribution to maintain ongoing engagement.
7. A wider survey option, not only to internal employees, but can include stakeholders and customers on their value perception and responsiveness. This component can be arranged as an annual measure of agreed indicators.
8. A digital marketing and public relations strategy to ensure the social purpose strategy is managed and maximised sensitively and effectively both internally and externally.

The purpose of Purpose Built Business is to support you becoming a better leader and impact the world around us in a positive and valued way.

I look forward to your call and talking to you.

Colin Coster